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Take the Plunge!




Commercial DemoFlora Burke

“Flora Burke awakens your senses with a brilliant, surprising grace and beauty.”

A refreshing, bubbly, resilient drink of WATER!

This 40 year veteran of Theatre, DIVES effortlessly into the film, tv, and radio POOL, splashing her audience with showers of shimmering creativity!

Known for her powerful dramatic skills and comedic timing, this mermaid makes every stroke count.  Never wanting to remain in the shallow end, she explores vast, unknown regions, Wading into the deep end where she triumphs and succeeds!

Another skillset is knowing how to go with the FLOW and SYNCHRONIZE with various teams to achieve the WIN!  Taking direction well, she can FLIP TURN in a heartbeat!  She will BATHE you in glorious stories, dipping into the unknown and steeping you in wonder as you FLOAT effortlessly, suspended by the fluidity of her unique Magic!

When you want to make a big SPLASH, suit up FLORA.  She'll kick up some turbulence, buoyed with enthusiasm and create mighty WAVES!  A true breath of Fresh air!


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